The PharmPet Co celebrates successful first year in business

A Lincoln-based veterinary pharmacy and pet supplies company is celebrating a successful first year in business despite the pandemic.

The PharmPet Co, a family-run e-commerce retailer, has celebrated establishing itself in the growing pet products and prescription market during a challenging and uncertain year.

Highlights of its first year in business include new exclusive product partnerships with the likes of Procanicare for its pet digestive supplements, as well as the launch of a free home delivery service for customers in Lincoln during the lockdown.

Neil Younger, co-founder with his brother Phil of The PharmPet Co said: “When we were setting up and launching the business a year ago the pandemic had just arrived. This presented huge challenges, of course, but also opportunities for us to help pet owners through that difficult time.

“It’s not been without its challenges, as we had to move quickly and adapt to stay open and COVID-safe throughout. People needed safe and efficient ways to access pet and veterinary pharmacy services. By meeting this growth in customer demand during successive lockdowns, we’ve built the business and created a new community of loyal customers."

As a pharmacy-led business, The PharmPet Co provides affordable and reliable healthcare products to pet owners.

It’s a fully registered UK pharmacy and an Accredited Retailer with the Veterinary Medicine Directorate (VMD) based in the UK, something which its founders say customers have really valued during the growth in online shopping.

Neil Younger said: “We’ve had some lovely customer feedback during the first year. We’re a family business and our customers like that - we know them by name and take the time to help them help their pets.

“Nobody would plan to launch during a pandemic but it’s been exciting to see the business growing and being able to help our customers, especially with free delivery to local postcodes.

“Over the last year, we’ve listened to our customers, developing our ranges to bring in new brands and seasonal offers. We’re now planning more new products for the year ahead, alongside online tools and guides to educate and advise pet owners to keep their animals healthy and happy.”

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