UPDATE: ‘Nano brewery’ in garage is permitted to become business in Timberland

A Timberland man is setting up his own ‘nano’ brewery in his garage.

New 'nano' brewery planned for garage in Timberland.
New 'nano' brewery planned for garage in Timberland.

Having already acquired planning permission, Richard Milnes was seeking a premises licence from North Kesteven District Council to set up Forest Brewing at his home in Church Lane as a retirement business.

Mr Milnes explained: “A nano brewery is significantly smaller than a micro brewery. I can produce 100 litres of beer at a time, for comparison the two local micro brewers – Ferry ales and 8-Sail both produce 800 litres per brew.”

He predicted he would brew about twice a week.

Mr Milnes said the hops waste and yeast slurry is composted in a bin in the garden, while the used malt is taken offsite and used locally as cattle feed.

He said his entire 100 litre brew in bottles fits in the back of his car.

According to his application, which was heard by the Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Sub-Committee on Tuesday, he intends to take orders for his products online and by phone, for delivery during business hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday. Deliveries of raw materials are also loaded from the car into the garage. There would be no shop sales on site.

He added: “The whole process is almost entirely self-contained within the building thereby minimising any possible noise and disruption.

“I have been testing and using the equipment for my own use since 2017.

“I would hope to do all my deliveries on one or two days a week which will be fitted around essential trips where possible. It will be run responsibly and in accordance with the licensing objectives and business common sense.”

One close neighbour has raised concerns about disturbance to his family and village life, but there have been no other objections from other authorities.

The panel adjourned deliberate in private and consider all points raised and have now announced they will grant a licence with no additional conditions than those already set out in the application.