VIDEO: Big lift of £350k Lamborghini into new bar in Skegness 'now at 11am'

Scaffolding is in place and the £350,000 Lamborghini ready to be hoised into a new Skegness bar - but later than expected.

Crowds had gathered outside the multi-million-pound nightlife complex The Hive at 8am today to watch the bar become only the second place in the world to have the supercar inside.

However, the crane was delayed due to a breakdown and the whole spectacle delayed until 11am.

Lamborghinis are renowned for being one of the fastest, most lavish and most expensive cars on the road, but have you ever seen one in the sky?

A £350,000 Lamborghini is being lifted by crane into a new bar on the third floor of The Hive in Skegness.

In preparation for the launch of its Supercar VIP Lounge, The Hive, which is already home to a variety of bars and clubs, will be diverting traffic and causing people to stop in their tracks as it sets the wheels in motion for something which has never been seen before in the UK.

At 8am, specifically trained experts will carefully lift a fully road-legal Lamborghini Huracán into position on the third floor of The Hive’s building.

The supercar, which can go from 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds and can achieve a speed of more than 200mph, will take centre stage in the Supercar VIP Lounge when it formally launches in June.

During the event, former British Drift Championship presenter Nathan Black will be a compère and will be on hand to provide the audience with interesting facts about the challenges involved in completing this complex task.

Former British Drift Championship presenter Nathan Black will be a compère.

In addition to the Supercar VIP Lounge, over the coming months The Hive will be gearing up to unveil several other bars and clubs to the Skegness nightlife scene, including the launch of an Ice Bar Experience.

Following the closure of the The Ice Experience in London, the attraction will be the only one of its kind in the UK.

The two themed bars will feature an ice bar itself and then a ski chalet-themed holding bar, where families can prepare to go on a search for the Skegness Yetti.

* We plan to live from the scene on the Skegness Standard Facebook page at 11am on Thursday. Full story and pictures will appear on the Skegness Standard website and in our print edition, out on Wednesdays.

A £350,000 Lamborghini Huracán similar to the one pictured is being lifted into the third floor of the The Hive complex in Skegness.