Vote of confidence in Boston town centre as plans announced for themed hotel and restaurant

A vote of confidence has been given in Boston town centre with plans for a new automotive-themed hotel and restaurant.

V-ATE, in Langrick.
V-ATE, in Langrick.

Local hotelier Alistair Arundell and the team behind Langrick’s hit car-themed restaurant V-ATE have joined forces on the project – coming to the town’s High Street in 2020.

The 25-room hotel and 100-seater restaurant will carry the V-ATE brand throughout the premises – a former nightclub

The restaurant will feature the same style of tailor-made, car-themed booth tables that have attracted diners to V-ATE from across the country since it opened almost two years ago.

The Chevy that is to become the cocktail bar.

Alongside them will be a Chevy cocktail bar, and a Jeep that doubles up as a coffee, cake, and milkshake bar.

Alistair, who owns Quayside Hotel and Bar, in London Road, approached the V-ATE team about the project.

He said: “I wanted to find something special for Boston. Within most hotels are amazing restaurants and we have one of the most exciting restaurant concepts on our doorstep with V-ATE.”

“I believe it will be well received,” he added. “We simply don’t have anything else like it in Boston.”

The Jeep that is to become a coffee, cake, and milkshake bar.

V-ATE is run by husband and wife team Neil and Victoria Burden, along with Victoria’s parents Bob and Lesley Wilding.

The four have had plans to franchise the restaurant since it opened, and this venture in Boston is being seen as the next step in that process.

Victoria said: “This is a fabulous opportunity for use. Alistair has invited us in to this incredible project and we aim to create a true flagship for futures franchisees to emulate.”

The new restaurant and hotel will provide about 25 jobs. It will be open seven days a week, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Langrick location will remain open, but with an increased emphasis on car events.

Victoria said the plans have been well received, although some customers who travel to V-ATE from an hour or two away (in some cases more) were hoping the second restaurant would be closer to them!

In Boston, Victoria said people are pleased to see investment in the town centre, which has suffered some big name departures of late, Marks & Spencer for example.

Victoria says she feels the restaurant will complement others in the area, such as The Italian Connection and Los Burritos, both now in West Street, to create a pull to the town centre.

She said: “I don’t know if the town centre will recover from a High Street point of view, but I don’t see any reason why restaurant culture won’t survive in town centres.”