Win family day out on thrilling Fantasy Island virtual roller coaster ride

Fantasy Island is inviting readers to blow away the Monday blues on a virtual roller coaster ride - and you could win a family day out.

The amusement park in Ingoldmells is holding a competition for children and parents to get creative and join us on a virtual reality roller coaster ride on the Millenium - the seventh fastest roller coaster in the UK.

The ride will be transmitted live on the Fantasy Island Facebook page today (Monday) at 4pm.

All you have to do to take part is create your own roller coaster and make sure you are streaming to your TV

Ride the Millennium and win family day out when Fantasy Island in Ingoldmells re-opens.

To make your own roller coaster and have a chance of winning the family day out when the park re-opens:

Grab kitchen chairs and put in front of television

Gran fan and feel cool breeze on your cheeks

Find a safety bar such as a mop

Get yourself ready to scream shout and make the movements of a roiller coaster

Film action love as it happens

Upload it to Facebook

The Millennium roller coaster was built by Vekoma, a Dutch roller coaster manufacturer, to celebrate the arrival of the new millennium but despite its name, was opened in May 1999. It was Fantasy Island's first 'Extreme Thrill Ride', and circles the park's signature pyramid structure.

With a top speed of 55.9 mph, it is also the fourth tallest British roller coaster, with a maximum height of 45.5 metres.

The ride features a vertical loop, a side winder and an additional vertical loop. It finishes in a low helix, which swoops down to a level just above head height of those in the amusement park, frequently startling the unsuspecting public.

The Standard will be joining Fantasy Island Live for the ride. Have fun!