Your views: Widespread support for ‘cafe culture’ in Louth

Members of the public have voiced their widespread approval of the ‘cafe culture’ plans for the Cornmarket, with the Leader receiving dozens of Tweets and Facebook comments in support of the plans.

Bunting has been put up in the Cornmarket, in preparation for the 'cafe culture' launch next month.

On Twitter, Trudy Roberts said: “Excellent idea, it will give traders a much better opportunity to generate additional revenue at a time they need it.”

Brian Strawson said: “Anything to get people into the town. If they come to meet up for coffee they may well go some other shops.”

Richard Parker said: “Well done. The more of a car-free environment you can create the better.

“Town centres should be for people, not places to park cars or drive through causing air pollution.”

Sue Hall said: “I hope it will reinvigorate the town centre after these months of hardship. And will provide a much needed boost for all the local businesses. Hoping the weather will be kind.”

Phil Burrell added: “Superb idea. Really is no need to park in there, get the economy moving again. Well done all involved.”

On our Facebook page, there were even more positive views and very little opposition to the plans.

Joe Gilliatt said: “About time this happened. This will be really good for the town.”

Suzy Davey said: “I’ve wanted this for so long! Hopefully it’ll stay. In Europe I’ve sat out in all weathers.

“They’re set up with heat and shielding from rain and sun. Spot on.”

Tim Newbery said: “Hope this can be extended with the Active Travel Fund proposal of a closure to traffic to help create opportunities for traders and hospitality, as well as pedestrians and cyclists.”

Vanessa Reeve said: “Fantastic news, positive news for Louth traders. Looking forward to this”.

Debbie Mantle added: “Looking forward to supporting our local businesses. Great idea.”

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