Brightening up lockdown - Ruskington’s Kenny the shire horse shoots comedy video and Greylees neighbours cheer up young birthday girl

With the UK lockdown restrictions nearing the end of a second week, Sleaford area people are doing their best to bring a smile to people’s faces under the circumstances.

Lucy Blakey of Ruskington Shire Stud has posted a video on Tik Tok and Facebook of her playful shire horse ‘hard at work’ under coronavirus lockdown.

The friendly horse is pictured doing everything from reading the books to hosing down the yard in a hilarious new video creating at the yard in Ruskington Fen.

Lucy said: “My boyfriend and I had seen similar videos online of dogs doing it so we thought we would try with my shire, Kenny.

Rhiannon Berry with all her surprise birthday cards and treats. EMN-200304-104010001

“We’d been meaning to make it since last summer but never got the chance. In the current situation we thought it would be the perfect time and bring a few smiles to peoples faces.”

She said he was quite happy doing the film shoot. The post has already received over 1,500 comments and 3,100 shares on facebook.

○ Meanwhile, passers by in Greylees made a young girl’s day when family feared she would be celebrating a gloomy eighth birthday without being able to have a party with her friends.

Quick-thinking mum Jo Kelly and her husband Shaun came up with an idea to make sure daughter Maisy’s big day did not fall flat.

Lucy Blakey and shire horse Kenny. Photo: Lucy Blakey EMN-200304-110856001

She explained: “My husband posted on the Greylees Facebook page about her not seeing her friends and cancelling her party and a large number of residents gathered around our street to sing happy birthday to her at 10am.

“Obviously social distancing, they used their daily exercise.

“She was inundated with cards and presents from people we’ve never met before, children drew her pictures and we put a banner up outside for people to beep on their way past which lots of people did.

“It made her day really special after worrying it would be a let down.”

Rhiannon outside her home at Greylees with the poster and messages that attracted passers by. EMN-200304-104020001

Jo added: “Maisy said it was the nicest thing ever. She’s made some new friends. My husband and I are overwhelmed with people’s generosity and very humbled. It was an emotional moment in these sad times.

“I really feel for all people celebrating on their own.”

Maisy and her birthday poster at Greylees. EMN-200304-104030001