Almost nine out of ten children get first choice secondary school places in Lincolnshire this year

Nearly nine out of ten children have secured their first choice secondary school places in Lincolnshire this year
Carre's Grammar School, Sleaford.Carre's Grammar School, Sleaford.
Carre's Grammar School, Sleaford.

Of the 8,555 children applying to start in 2023/2024, 86 per cent (7,358) will receive a place at their first-choice school, according to Lincolnshire County Council.

Because of appeals and movement on the reserve list, it is likely that further children will be offered a place at their first-choice school by the time they start in September.

Currently eight per cent of children have been offered a place at their second preference, with two per cent receiving a place at their third choice, resulting in just four per cent of all applicants not receiving one of their three preferences.

These will be offered a place at the closest school in Lincolnshire with spaces available.

There are 53 secondary schools in Lincolnshire, including 52 that determine their own admissions policy. One school has a local authority admissions policy.

Coun Patricia Bradwell, executive councillor for children’s services, said: “It‘s good to see so many families receiving offers at one of their preferred schools again, especially with it being such a large cohort this year. This figure is likely to be even higher by September.

"It is always our intention to support parents to make the application process as easy as possible, and it’s nice to see an increasing number of parents using the online parent portal to make their application and receive their

offer on national offer day.”

Parents who applied using the online application system will have been emailed their offer letter on March 1 – go to and log on to the parent portal if you cannot access this email. Parents who applied by phone or paper form will have been posted their letter first-class.

Parents have until noon on March 28 to lodge an appeal if they are unhappy with the offered school.

If parents return the appeal form by the deadline, it will be heard before the end of the summer term. If it is received late, it will still be heard but this may be in the last week of term or even into September.

Parents who wish to apply for school transport will find information on this in their offer letter or can go to for eligibility information and how to apply.

For travel arrangements to be in place by September, parents need to apply by May 31.