Banovallum School students celebrate success

Students have been celebrating their success – with a special VIP guest to give them inspiration for the future.
Banovallum School students 2021-22 at their annual Awards Evening. Photo: Wrates PhotographyBanovallum School students 2021-22 at their annual Awards Evening. Photo: Wrates Photography
Banovallum School students 2021-22 at their annual Awards Evening. Photo: Wrates Photography

Banovallum School celebrated the achievements of their students during the 2021-22 Academic year at their annual Awards Evening.

Outgoing Head Prefect Fleur Fawcett spoke of her time at Banovallum and the advice she would give to the students

in the room, and the guest of honour was one of the RAF’s few female fast jet fighter pilots, Squadron Leader Tori Turner who delivered an inspiring speech in which she talked about the importance of resilience and self-belief even

Banovallum Headteacher Grant Edgar with Squadron Leader Tori Turner. Photo: Wrates PhotographyBanovallum Headteacher Grant Edgar with Squadron Leader Tori Turner. Photo: Wrates Photography
Banovallum Headteacher Grant Edgar with Squadron Leader Tori Turner. Photo: Wrates Photography

during the most difficult of times.

She also told the students of her experience of avoiding a helicopter while flying a fast jet, reinforcing the importance of remaining focused on your ultimate goals and adapting to challenging situations with resilience, self-belief, and clear thinking.

Headteacher, Grant Edgar said of the evening: “This was a lovely evening in which parents, staff, and governors of Banovallum could once again come together to celebrate the hard work and exceptional achievements of students from Years 7 to 11 in the Academic Year 2021 – 22.

"These students achieved such great things despite the extreme pressures of the pandemic. Having the event in the autumn term allows us to celebrate the students who performed best in their GCSE exams and who helped us to secure our best ever set of results.

“The Awards’ Evening doesn’t only celebrate academic excellence. There were awards celebrating effort, community involvement, the arts and sporting achievement. This highlights the importance of all three elements of the education partnership: parents, students, and school, working together.

"I would like to thank all the staff at the school for their absolute commitment to enabling all students to achieve their very best and to parents and carers for their support over the last few years, and everyone involved in the evening for making it run so successfully.

"Special thanks must also go to the Jobson Trust for their generosity in supporting the event, the Governors, the Friends of Banovallum and the Horncastle Education Trust for supporting the evening and to Anne Northam for arranging the flowers for the evening.”

The full list of prize winners are listed below:

Year 7 (2021-22)

Governors’ Prizes – for the highest Attitude to Learning scores in the past academic year.

Immagen Marley; Jess Richards; Ben Templeton; Nieve Steels; Olivia Midgley; Xavier Nickless; Amena Begum and Raff Kelly.

Year 8 (2021-22)

Governors’ Prizes – Olivia Dyson; Chloe Gill; Ronnie Hanley; Layla Bollan; Emma Reid; Hermione Hawkins and Leah Taylor

Year 9 (2021-22)

Governors’ Prizes – Zach Colyer; Hayley-Jade Ashley; Kirstie Graves; Sam Saxby; Henry Boswell; Sophie Woodgate; Evie Davey and Alex Gant

Zach Colyer - Key Stage 3 Creative Arts Award

Year 10 (2021-22)

Governors’ Prizes – Jamie Usher; Heather Steel; Jack Eastwell; Layla Forward; Grace Renner; Elizabeth Fenton; Freya Moreton and Niall Manning

Year 11 (2021-22)

Subject and Specialist Awards

Oliver Hirst – The Hargreaves Award for Bible Studies and The Bird Cup for Effort and Achievement Boy

Phoebe Brown – The Jobson Prize for Service to the school and The Prize for Child Development

Victoria Lee – The Woodcraft Award for outstanding achievement and The Abbott Cup for Key Stage 4 Science

Angelica Morris – The Prize for Geography, The O’Brien Cup for Art and Head Prefect

Ella Fawcett – KS4 Science AWARD, The Prize for Maths and The Prize for RMT

Ethan Goddard – The Cockerill Cup for Resourcefulness

Clive Rennie – Endeavour Award, and The Roland Hill Cup for RMT

Fleur Fawcett – The Browne Cup for Effort and Achievement, The Prize for Food and Head Prefect

Genevieve Learoyd – The Jones Cup for Progress, The Coney Cup for Textiles, The Bain-Waring Trophy for Geography and The Prize for Effort in Maths

Ebony Colledge – The Lions’ Award for Achievement, The Prize for English, The Prize for French, The Prize for History, The Prize for Religious Studies and Year 11 Governors’ Prize

Ella Boyd – The Cup for Photography

Ellie Cullen – The Arcadia Cup for Sport

Freya Vine – The Prize for English Literature

Holly Hoyle – The Maureen Gay Award for Outstanding progression in performance

Isobel Fairholm – The Waymouth Cup for Integrity

Jake Homes – The Jobson Prize for Effort and Resourcefulness

Jenson Tyrrell – The Simpson Cup for Music

Jess Baxter – The Scholey Cup for Service to The School

JJ Bowen – Deputy Prefect

Joe Flint – The Harness Cup for Sports

Kiera Parker – Business Studies Prize

Lucy Ward – The Jobson Prize for Effort

Rowan Hackett – The Prize for Science

Theo Dalglish – The Prize for Music

Trinity Kent – Deputy Prefect

Turner Kingswood – The Haston Award for Senior Footballer

Connie Bell – The Barr Coaching and leadership cup and The Jobson Prize for Service to school sport

Leah Ward – The Prize for Art and The Rodwell Plate for Food Technology

Liv Taylor – The Prize for Performing Arts and The Ranyard Cup for French

Morgan Jones The Prize for Photography and The Woolley Cup for RMT

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