Banovallum School's sustainability sponsorship from Veolia

​A Horncastle secondary school has received a refreshing boost to help its ongoing effort to promote and improve sustainability within their school community.
Banovallum students with the new bottles.Banovallum students with the new bottles.
Banovallum students with the new bottles.

In September 2023, Banovallum School stopped the sale of bottled water in a bid to reduce single-use plastic bottles, and has received a 1,000 reusable water bottles – one for each student – thanks to sponsorship from water, energy and waste management company Veolia.

The donated water bottles are made from recyclable materials and were designed and created by School Bears, a school merchandise company.

The Horncastle Education Trust has also installed contactless water coolers across both its secondary schools – Banovallum and Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School – to encourage students to refill their own water bottles.

Kelly Beard, Catering Manager at Horncastle Education Trust, helped organise the sponsorship of the water bottles.

She said: “Our goal is to reduce waste across the Trust and encourage sustainability.

“The students are the future, and it is important that they understand why we are doing this and how they can contribute and care for the environment.”

Sandra James, chief executive of Horncastle Education Trust, added: “We are very grateful to Veolia for its generous sponsorship and are sure this will be really beneficial in reducing single-use plastics across the school.”