Boston-area school up for national award

A primary school near Boston is vying for another national honour.

The 'High Street' at Kirton Primary.
The 'High Street' at Kirton Primary.

Kirton Primary School has been named as a finalist in the Personal, Social and Health Education category at the 2022 Children & Young People Now Awards.

A spokesman said: “One of the key components for the school’s selection is their multi-award winning ‘High Street’.

"The street comprises a shop, bank, market stall and post office which are all built within the school’s building.

"The school has its own currency, the Kirt, which children are able to earn in a variety of ways such as working hard, representing the school, completing shifts in the High Street or excellent school attendance.”

The winner will be announced on November 24 in a ceremony to be held at the Hurlingham Club in London.

Earlier this year, Kirton Primary was named School of the Year for Staff Wellbeing at the Tes School Awards.