Boston pupils welcome 't-rexcellent' group of guests

The pre-historic era came roaring into the present day when a primary school in Boston played host to a pack of ‘dinosaurs’.

Meeting the children.
Meeting the children.

The reptilian recreations from Teach Rex were the guests of St Nicholas’ CofE Primary Academy, in Woad Farm Road.

They spent the day roaming the classrooms, helping educate youngsters about the time, millions of years ago, when these ‘terrible lizards’ roamed the planet.

Fiona Booth, headteacher, said: “The lessons that we could do with our children with a t-rex standing in their classroom were incredible. Imaginations were sparked and memories were created – I am not sure that any of the children will forget the day a dinosaur walked through the school’s front door.

With staff member Louise Curtis.

“For our youngest children, who the day was primarily aimed at, we used the dinosaurs to help them understand their emotions and really build up a love of learning through new and unusual experiences. If children enjoy coming to school, then they are going to get the most out of every opportunity we can offer.”

St Nicholas CofE Primary Academy is part of the Infinity Academies Trust.

Gavin Booth, chief executive at the trust, said: “At the trust we have a responsibility to improve the outcomes and opportunities of every pupil, and fun-filled days like this make such an impact to enable our children to enjoy learning.”

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Turning its attention to another pupil.

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