Can you shed light on school snap?

Two weeks ago we featured two photographs taken at William Alvey CofE School, in Sleaford, in 1924.
No Caption ABCDE EMN-210222-094355001No Caption ABCDE EMN-210222-094355001
No Caption ABCDE EMN-210222-094355001

They are part of a series of at least eight photographs, all labelled ‘B.110’.

The school has four in the run – ‘No.2’, ‘No.6’ (pictured right), ‘No. 7’ and ‘No.8’ – and was appealing for others.

After seeing the piece in the paper, Garry Goodge got in touch with the Standard, having been reminded of the above photograph.

No Caption ABCDE EMN-210802-131656001No Caption ABCDE EMN-210802-131656001
No Caption ABCDE EMN-210802-131656001

It is not labelled ‘B.110’, but ‘B.109’ and ‘no.4’. Garry found the picture when clearing his aunt and uncle’s home in Castle Street a few years ago and believes it may feature his aunt (middle row, third from left). Her name was Marjorie Hall (later Simms).

“I’m not sure if it is the same school as I had thought it might be Church Lane Infants School, but there is no indication of the school, teacher or pupils names,” he said, asking if readers could perhaps shed some light on the picture.

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