Chief executive of Tollbar Multi Academy Trust announces retirement

David Hampson, the chief executive of the Tollbar Multi Academy Trust - which runs Louth, Somercotes and Theddlethorpe Academies - will retire this autumn.

David Hampson (CEO Tollbar MAT) at Louth Academy's Lower Campus. (Picture: Sean Spencer/Hull News & Pictures Ltd)

Mr Hampson, who was previously head teacher at Tollbar for 20 years, has today (Monday) has announced his intention to retire at the end of October 2020.

He was appointed as chief executive of the Trust in 2010, and his philosophy has been to take on both secondary and primary schools in significant difficulties.

This process began in 2010 with what is now Cleethorpes Academy, and the Trust now has seven member academies including three in the Louth & Mablethorpe patch.

Phil Bond (left) and David Hampson (right). (Picture: Sean Spencer/Hull News & Pictures Ltd)

Philip Bond, Chair of Tollbar Multi Academy Trust, said: “Tollbar Family of Academies will be very sad to see the departure of David Hampson as its CEO.

“David has been the architect of the Trust’s development and we owe so much to him. He will leave a legacy of huge improvements to the education of local children.”

The Trust has decided to appoint Martin Brown (currently its deputy chief executive) to act as the interim Chief Executive on David Hampson’s departure.

Directors of the Trust are very keen to stress that they intend to move forward using the same business model to further the Trust’s continued development.

Martin Brown will become the interim chief executive. (Picture: Sean Spencer/Hull News & Pictures Ltd)

Mr Bond continued: “Our success has been attributable to the Trust being local and centrally managed.

“We will be continuing along that path, particularly as that model finds great favour with the Department of Education. We have taken on responsibility for several local schools that were failing their students. Those schools are all now successful establishments of which the Trust is rightly proud.

“David Hampson will leave his post in October, but parents should rest assured the Trust will be building on the legacy he will leave behind and we will aim as always to provide an environment in which their children can thrive and progress.”

Mr Hampson said: “I actually handed in my resignation to the Directors last December to give them time to appoint my replacement. It has been an honour and a privilege to serve this community for the last 30 years as Head of Tollbar, and lately as CEO of Tollbar Multi Academy Trust.

“In that time I have always strived to ensure that the students in my care have received a quality education, no matter what their background or perceived abilities, to enable them to access life changing opportunities.

“I have had to manage many traumatic events in the course of my 47 year career in teaching; obviously none more so than the current Covid-19 pandemic.

“I am really pleased that I have still been here to lead and work with the staff through, what I trust, is the worst of the current situation.

“It has been an amazing and rewarding 30 years and I want to thank all of the staff for their support, commitment, professionalism and friendship.

“Together, we have turned Tollbar into one of the largest and most outstanding educational establishments in the country, and created a Multi Academy Trust based on its educational philosophy and total commitment to delivering life-changing opportunities for its students.

“This job has given me immense personal and professional satisfaction and I will sorely miss Tollbar MAT, its staff and students.”