Double celebrations for Banovallum School

​There were two reasons to celebrate at Horncastle’s Banovallum School recently.
Banovallum headteacher Grant Edgar, Chair of Governors Wendy Ireland, and Isobel Gosling plant the time capsule.Banovallum headteacher Grant Edgar, Chair of Governors Wendy Ireland, and Isobel Gosling plant the time capsule.
Banovallum headteacher Grant Edgar, Chair of Governors Wendy Ireland, and Isobel Gosling plant the time capsule.

To mark 60 years to the day that Banovallum School was officially opened by the Earl of Ancaster, current headteacher Grant Edgar and chair of Governors, Wendy Ireland, commemorated the event by planting an Acer, donated by Horncastle Garden Centre, and buried a time capsule full of information and mementoes of present day Banovallum.

They were assisted by Isobel Gosling, a descendant of Alderman Tom Scholey, who was the driving force behind the founding of Banovallum, as well as fellow governors of the school, Trustees of the Horncastle Education Trust and former headteachers of Banovallum, Ian Carroll and Nicki Shore.

The canteen joined in the celebrations by preparing meals from the 1960s and dressed as their counterparts in 1953, playing music of the Beatles and other Sixties stars.

Headteacher Grant Edgar with Chair of Governors Wendy Ireland planting the Acer with Isobel Gosling.Headteacher Grant Edgar with Chair of Governors Wendy Ireland planting the Acer with Isobel Gosling.
Headteacher Grant Edgar with Chair of Governors Wendy Ireland planting the Acer with Isobel Gosling.

Sandra James, chief executive of the Trust, said: “What a lovely way to commemorate the founding of Banovallum.

"I hope that the pupils of the future find the contents of the Time Capsule interesting. It would be interesting to compare schooldays of 2023 with those of 2063.”

Grant Edgar added: “I’m delighted that we were able to be joined by so many supporters of the school and in particular Isobel and her mum, Alison. To have that link with 60 years ago was really quite special.

"Fingers crossed I can make the centenary when I’ll be a sprightly 95!”

Banovallum School's awards ceremony 2023.Banovallum School's awards ceremony 2023.
Banovallum School's awards ceremony 2023.

Banovallum School have also celebrated the successes from the previous academic year with their annual Awards Evening, where the theme for the evening was the celebration of 60 years of Banovallum.

Christine Chapman, one of the trustees of the George Jobson Trust, was guest speaker and she described Mr Jobson’s journey through life which took him from Horncastle to the West Country and then to the United States, before returning to Horncastle in his later years.

Mr Edgar said: “This is always one of my favourite events of the year and one in which we can celebrate the hard work, talent, and resilience of our young people at Banovallum.

"Despite the challenges thrown at them in the last few years, this group of students have never stopped maximising their talents and by aligning that to old-fashioned hard work have enjoyed the success they deserve.”

The full list of prizewinners are:

Year 8 (for year 7)

Oliver Bushell

Harry Deasley

Ailsa Felton

Arran Giffen

Isobel Gosling

Hermione Keeler

Pip Keeler

Evie Ladlow

Jasmine Locke

George McCollum

Jasmine Miles

Isla Murray

Toby Rawdon

Year 9 (for year 8)

Grace, Ramsdale

Jess Richards

Jake Shrive

Nieve Steels

Year 10 (for year 9)

Kayleigh Bernard

Mya Best

Riley Bridge

Olivia Dyson

Jessica Fenton

Chloe Gill

Ronnie Hanley

Roxy Harland

Kira Hodgson

Tameem Hussain

Amber Renouf

Molly Tassera

Leah Taylor

Year 11 (for year 10)

Ruby Cairns

Kirstie Graves

Milla Jackson

Arthur Morley

Sam Saxby

Holly Tyrrell

Jamie Usher

Returning Student Awards (Former Year 11)

Erin Armstrong – The Bainwaring Award Trophy For Geography - Progress & Effort Top Performer in French

Elsie Ball – The Jobson Prize For Service to the School

Archie Baxter – The Simpson Award Cup For Music

Katie Bennison-Pauls – Top Performer in Sport Science, and Top Performer in Textiles

Amber Butlin-Hodgson – The Barr Award Cup For Coaching & Leadership

Ben Cobban – The Coney Award Cup For Textiles - Progess & Effort

Kaleb Coe – The Arcadia Sport Award Cup For Sport - Progress & Effort, and Top Performer in Business Studies

Kiera Cullen – Head Prefect

Charlotte Eagles – The Harness Award Cup For Sportsmanship

Jack Eastwell – The Waymouth Award Cup For Integrity, The Hargreaves Award Plate For Religious Studies, Top Performer in Design & Technology, and Deputy Head Prefect

Charlie Edison – Head Prefect

Chloe Emmerson – The Rodwell Award Plate For Child Development

Phoebe Faulkner – Top Performer in Child Development

Elizabeth Fenton – The Andrew Ranyard Cup For French -Progress & Effort

Tamzin Ford – The Roland Hill Cup for effort in D&T For D&T - Progress and Effort

Layla Forward – Top Performer in English Language

Bradley Fox – The Woolley Award Cup For RMT - Progress & Effort

William Hall – The Clive Rennie Award Trophy For Endevour

Callum Hobson – The Maureen Gay Award Plate For Best Contribution to a Production

Chloe Houlden – Top Performer in Food

Niall Manning – Top Performer in Geography

Isla McNeil – The Ireland Trophy Award for Creative Arts For Drama - Progress & Effort

Adam Mellor – The Bird Award Cup For Effort & Achievement

Connor Moxon – The O’Brien Award Cup For Art- Progress & Effort

Georgia Paul – The Award Cup for Photography For Photography - Progress & Effort

Reece Pemberton – The Haston Award Shield For Senior Footballer, and The Crew Award Cup For Business Studies - Progress & Effort

Zayne Rowdon – KS4 Science Award Cup For Effort & Achievement, and Top Performer in RE

Myles Reed – Top Performer in Music

Grace Renner – The Tasty Tucker Award Shield For Food, Top Performer in Art, Top Performer in Drama, and Deputy Head Prefect

Jake Richardson – The Browne Award Cup For Effort & Achievement, The Jobson Prize For Resorcefullness, and Top Performer in Science

Sienna Smeardon – The Abbott Cup For Key Stage 4 Science, The Jones Award Cup For Progress, and The Maureen Tate Award Plate For English

Heather Steel The Alexander Woodcroft Award Cup For Academic Achievement

Top Performer in English Literature

Top Performer in History

Oliver Swales KS3 Science Award Cup (KS4) For Practical Skills

Tegan Tasserra Top Performer in Maths

Holly Tyrrell The Scholey Governor Award Cup For History

Morgan Wallis Hodges The Cockerill Award Cup For Resourcefulness

Kiaran Watson – The Award For Work Experience

Jay Wold – The Lions Award Shield For Achievement, The Jobson Pize For Effort, and Top Performer in Photography