GALLERY: Record number of Banovallum students achieve top GCSE grades

Despite disruption to their studies caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Banovallum School’s pupils have turned in an “exceptional performance” in their GCSE results, headteacher Grant Edgar said.

Constance Bell, leon Holloway and Jess Baxter at Banovallum School.
Constance Bell, leon Holloway and Jess Baxter at Banovallum School.

Banovallum has seen a record number of students achieving the top grades of 7, 8 and 9, and the year group as a whole improving the pass rate of five good GCSEs from 48 percent in 2019 to 61 percent this year.

Headteacher Grant Edgar commented on the exam results: “After a very challenging few years for students and parents, these represent an exceptional performance by the students.

"These grades could not have been achieved without the hard graft and resilience of the students, who were supported by their parents every step of the way.”

Ebony Colladge, GCSE pupil at Banovallum School.

Mr Edgar paid tribute to the staff at Banovallum who have played their part in ensuring that the school remained fully open during the pandemic:

"To some extent, we can juggle classes around but if we lose staff in our support functions, then we would struggle to keep the school open,” he said.

"These results are as a result of all members of the Banovallum community working together to secure the best outcomes for the students.

"I am proud of the work of each, and every person connected to the school.”

JJ Bowen, Ella Fawcett and Fleur Fawcett at Banovallum.

An impressive 12 Grade 9s were awarded to pupils Molly Allen and Leah Ward (both Art); Angelica Morris (Art and Geography); Fleur Fawcett (Food Technology) and Morgan Jones (Photography), with two students achieving three Grade 9s: Ebony College (in English Language, History & Religious Studies) and Ella Fawcett (Design Technology, Geography & Maths).

Three students also secured the highest grade possible in their Cambridge National Award for Sports Science: Jasmine Harris, Rubie Leybourne and Katie Sweet.

Just some of the students who performed extremely well across a range of subjects, and they too can be proud of themselves: Fleur Fawcett; Genevieve Learoyd; Oliver Hirst; Victoria Lee, Ella Fawcett; Angelica Morris; Ebony College; Isobel Fairholm; Liv Taylor; Morgan Jones, Ethan Goddard; Michael Fields; Peter Dowse; Keira Parker, Liam Tommon; Jensen Tyrrell, Jake Holmes and Sam Johnson.

"After a very difficult two or three years, I am delighted for the cohort and their families,” Mr Edgar added, “The students can now go on and enter their next phase of education, employment or training fully confident and equipped to make the next steps.”

Sadie Hurst, Oliver Hurst and Russell Hurst.
Liv Taylor and Rebecca Connell, GCSE pupils at Banovallum.