Glamourous end of Year 11 prom for Academy students

Students have celebrated the end of their school year with a glamourous prom – and various modes of transportation including tractors and Aston Martins.

Louth Academy Prom. Photo: Jon Corken
Louth Academy Prom. Photo: Jon Corken

Year 11 students at Louth Academy enjoyed a glamourous Prom night at Kenwick Park Hotel in Louth to celebrate the end of the year.

They dressed to impress and arrived in a variety of unusual vehicles – including Aston Martin, Audi and Alpine sports cars, a number of tractors and trailers, and even an articulated lorry – supported by parents and friends.

Photographer Jon Corken was there to capture the students in all their finery, with beautiful dresses on the girls and smart suits on the boys.

Louth Academy Prom students.


The students enjoyed a sit-down meal during the night, before dancing the night away at a disco provided at the event.

The students will be receiving their GCSE results, along with the rest of the country’s year 11 students, on Thursday August 25.

Arriving for Prom in style. Photo by Jon Corken
Arriving at Louth Academy's Prom in a lorry. Photo by Jon Corken


Looking glam at Louth Academy's Prom.
Louth Academy Prom 24th June 2022 Photo by Jon Corken