In Pictures: Pupils produce cardboard models of iconic Boston landmarks

Pupils at a Boston school have been getting creative, producing cardboard models of iconic landmarks around Boston.

Pupils and a staff member with their scale model of Sluice Bridge.
Pupils and a staff member with their scale model of Sluice Bridge.

The youngsters at Staniland Academy have taken part in a design and technology project called ‘Box-ton’ which focused on the history of Boston.

They worked together to make scale models of landmarks such as the Stump, Maud Foster Windmill, town bridge, the railway station and Pilgrim Hospital.

Arjan Boyall, Staniland Academy's DT Champion, said: "The children and teachers did a fantastic job. It was a great team effort! All of the hard work was displayed on the playground for parents to see."

Staniland Academy pupils with their scale model of Boston United Stadium.


Deputy headteacher Kerry Carr, said: "Mr Boyall came to us with the idea of recreating some of the well-known sites in Boston. He then planned the entire week to give all the children the opportunity to apply their DT skills, linked to the Heritage learning.

"The children were so excited to see their town fully constructed on our playground - and the learning conversations were brilliant!"

All the school years took part and pictures were taken first of the various locations to make for accurate scale models.

Pupils with their scale model of Boston Railway Station.


Pupils show off their scale models depicting Boston Docks.
Pupils with their scale model of Boston Stump.
Pupils with their hand-made model of Boston's Town Bridge.
A scale model of Blackfriars Theatre


A cardboard scale model of Boston's Asda store.
Pupils show off models they made of the Ingram Memorial and War Memorial.
A model of Central Park.
A pupils shows her scale model of Hussey Tower.


A fantastic recreation of Boston's Footbridge.
A scale model of Maud Foster Windmill.
Pupils' scale model of Pilgrim Hospital.
A scale model of Staniland Academy.