Lesson in life-saving skills for Boston pupils

Children at Boston’s Bridge House Independent School have been gaining vital skills that could help save a life.

Pupils with assistant headteacher Holly Barrett at Bridge House Indepenent School, in Boston.

Years Five and Six pupils recently learned how to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) as part of The British Heart Foundation’s annual Restart a Heart campaign. Assistant headteacher, Holly Barrett (above), said: “The children and staff had a fascinating experience learning the skills required to perform CPR safely, which linked with our term’s learning about the circulatory system.

“The Restart a Heart campaign raises our awareness of cardiac arrests, which is vital for a quick response in an emergency situation.”

During the event, the children used inflatable resuscitation mannequins provided by the British Heart Foundation to give them a hands-on experience in order to perfect the correct technique.