Little stars of Skegness school help boost charities

A Skegness school is its little stars for helping their community and charities.

Lily looking delighted with her new cut after donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust.

Lily, who is in the Richmond School's Early Years Foundation Stage class, is one of the youngest pupils but wanted to help other children in need.

She asked her mum, Morven Parker, if she could donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust.

Morven said all of the family and friends are so proud of Lily and the fact that she wants to be a ‘Super Grower', which means she can’t wait for her hair to be long enough again to repeat the donation.

Year 5 Teacher Mrs Sarah O’Dare and Maisy with her award.

Salon owner Chelsey Webster recently shared details of the hair donation to the Little Princess Trust. She cut Lily’s hair at her salon Hair Trix.

Chelsey said that she tries to help out as much as she can with the Little Princess Trust as young girls love that their hair is going to help poorly little girls feel better.

"If you start them at a young age wanting to care, share and give back, they will continue it on," she said. "Plus their hair length grows back so quickly."

The Richmond family is very proud of Lily and her kindness to others. Joanne Hazard of the Richmond School said: "She is representing our values of hope, compassion, friendship, thankfulness, wisdom and forgiveness. The fact that such a young child is showing this level of kindness and consideration to other children is such a positive thing to happen, especially during the current situation in the world. Well done Lily!"

Six-year old Mila-Beau Burton has raised a staggering £2,430 by scootoiong 60 miles in all weathers throughout April for her friend Reiko, who needs vital surgery.

She set a target of £500 and smashed it after her final scoot at The Vine Hotel.

For more on this appeal visit here.

Another pupil has received a special award for her efforts.

Margaret Taylor from Skegness Rotary arranged for Maisy Leigh Dimbleby to be awarded for all the charity fundraising she does in the community.

Joanne Hazard commented: "The Richmond family is very proud of our pupils' efforts and achievements.

"It takes a special sort of person to help others and put others first. They are certainly stars."