Louth Academy (23rd November update): 35 students now in self-isolation after more positive Covid-19 cases

Two more Year 8 students at Louth Academy have tested positive for Covid-19 (as of November 23), resulting in a total of 35 students now being in self-isolation as a precaution.

Principal at Louth Academy, Philip Dickinson.

Philip Dickinson, Principal of Louth Academy, said: “Letters have been sent to all parents and carers of those affected.

“The Academy remains open to all students, who should still attend if they remain well and have not been asked to isolate.

“We have followed national public health guidance around preventing the spread of coronavirus in school.

“Social distancing, frequent hand washing, wearing of face masks in communal areas, and regular cleaning is being rigorously practised right across the Academy, and we have robust risk assessments in place.

“We wish our students a speedy recovery and ask everyone to remain vigilant at this difficult time.”