Louth pupils brighten up hospital wards

Colourful artwork featuring rainbows and superheroes will brighten Louth County Hospital’s wards following an appeal to LaceyField, the home of Eastfield Infants & Nursery Academy and Lacey Gardens Junior Academy.

LaceyField pupils show off their artwork.

Pupils at the academies created the designs following a request by a parent who works at the hospital.

Executive principal Emma Beveridge and her team were delighted with the children’s efforts, so it was decided they should also be included in a tribute to NHS staff and key workers at the schools.

“The work we sent to the hospital for its wards was incredible and I was so proud of the children’s efforts,” Emma said.

Some of the artwork produced by the LaceyField pupils.

“They asked for rainbows and superheroes, and that’s what they got!

“It made us think that the work should be incorporated into our own tribute and we’re delighted with the huge banner now on our fence.

“It’s just a small way to pay tribute to the fabulous NHS and other key staff in these most difficult of times.”

Miss Beveridge said she is delighted by the way pupils and staff have adapted to the challenges brought about by the Covid-19 crisis, adding that many children were using online learning tools at home.

Some of the artwork produced by the LaceyField pupils.

She continued: “The most important things parents can do is keep those young minds happy and emotionally well during these difficult times.

“We have just stressed that we are here for pupils and parents. If they have anything they wish to discuss, they should not hesitate to call or email their teacher.

“I’d also like to add a special thank you to site manager Darrell Kingswood, the Wellspring estates team, cleaning and catering staff who have worked tirelessly backstage to keep LaceyField open.”

Some of the artwork produced by the LaceyField pupils.