North Cotes is a 'little gem of a school'

​A “little gem of a school” has been praised as being ‘Good’ once again, to its headteacher’s pride.
North Cotes pupils celebrating their Good Ofsted rating.North Cotes pupils celebrating their Good Ofsted rating.
North Cotes pupils celebrating their Good Ofsted rating.

​North Cotes CE Primary (part of the North Cotes CE Primary School and Fulstow CE Primary School Federation) was inspected by Ofsted in early November and has now received the results, that the school continues to be a ‘Good’ school.

In the report, it stated that “one parent captured the sentiments of many parents and carers when they wrote: ‘This is a little gem of a school’” and described the “warm and trusting relationships” in this “small,

inclusive school”.

The school was described in the report as “calm and orderly”, classrooms are “inviting”, and that “most pupils achieve well by the end of each key stage.

The leadership of the school was described by the inspector as "strong and stable”, and that all pupils follow an ambitious, broad and inclusive curriculum, with the needs of pupils with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) well understood and supported effectively.

Executive Head Teacher Mr Jonathan Grant said: “Over the past year we have been on a journey of development and refinement of our curriculum to ensure it is right for our pupils. It was wonderful to read that the inspection found that it is ambitious, broad, and inclusive.

“The vision for our federation states that we are committed to all flourishing and having full lives.

"As a small federation this can be difficult to achieve and so it was particularly pleasing to note that the inspection concluded that this is taken seriously, and the time and effort of visitors, trips and so on, given to this aspect of school life is having a positive impact on our children.

“Our obvious focus is the wonderful children we have the pleasure of working with, so possibly the best part of the inspection highlighted that relationships are warm and trusting.”

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