Parking issues at primary school

“If something is not done soon someone will be seriously hurt.”
The narrow pavement outside Osgodby SchoolThe narrow pavement outside Osgodby School
The narrow pavement outside Osgodby School

That is the concern for many over parking issues outside a village school.

Despite several requests from school governors, teaching staff, the parish council and County/District Councillor Stephen Bunney, a suitably sized car park has not been included in the county council’s current building project at Osgodby School.

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Coun Bunney said parents, particularly at the end of school day, are double and even triple, parking outside the school creating a ‘highly risky situation’ for the school children, pedestrians and other road users, especially with the narrow footpath.

“The car parking problem is not a new one and will not be renewed overnight unless LCC has a change of mind and provides a new car park,” he said.

A recent public meeting in the village discussed concerns and agreed a number of actions, including reinstating the road markings and bus bay outside the school; encouraging staff and parents to park safely away from the school and walk the children to and from the school gates; to petition LCC to introduce a mandatory 20mph speed zone outside the school and throughout the village.

Coun Bunney added: “Hopefully, the proposals will be implemented and improve the situation keeping a serious accident at bay.”

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Head teacher Ashley Taylor said: “We are keen to work with representatives from the various groups in the village to ensure that every member of our school community remains safe.

"As part of this, we will do whatever we can to ease the parking situation.

"I'd like to thank all of our staff and parents in advance for their help with this matter.”

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