Pegasus Osgodby: Learning about different cultures and helping support charities

Children and staff at Pegasus Childcare Centre in Osgodby have been busy learning about and exploring different religions and cultures, as well as supporting charities.

Pegasus activities EMN-201118-175652001
Pegasus activities EMN-201118-175652001

They raised money for Children in Need by wearing bright yellow or spotty clothes.

They also made Pudsey themed arts and crafts.

For Diwali, they made their very own Divas, tried some Indian snacks, joined in with Indian dancing during wake-up, shake-up and heard the story Rama and Sita.

Pegasus activities EMN-201118-175631001

They celebrated Remembrance Day by making poppies, watching and trying their best to join in with the two-minute silence.

A Remembrance display was created outside the centre for village residents to enjoy and remember the fallen.

World Diabetes Day is very close to the hearts of everyone at Pegasus, because they have children currently, and have had in the past, with Type 1 Diabetes.

To celebrate this day, they explored what diabetes is, weighed out role play food and joined in with the world by painting their fingernails blue.

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Pegasus activities EMN-201118-175548001
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Pegasus activities EMN-201118-175620001