Plea to drivers over school crossing fears

Children and school crossing patrols across the county are being put at risk by drivers ignoring '˜stop' signs.

School crossing patrol officer John Franklin EMN-180319-090501001

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) says there have been issues at schools throughout Lincolnshire - and has issued a plea to drivers to keep pupils safe.

Market Rasen’s John Franklin is a school crossing patrol officer in Wragby and says he has a near-miss with a car on a weekly basis.

And Mr Franklin, who has been doing the job for almost four years, said he is concerned the traffic is just getting worse.

LRSP spokesman John Siddle said: “We know that a lot of school crossing patrols, outside of schools right across the county, have some issues with drivers not conforming to what the school crossing patrol wants them to do.

“Some drivers find it necessary to drive through and potentially put the children and school crossing patrol at risk.

“We would always ask drivers to be mindful that children may be crossing the road.

“The school crossing patrols do their job, and the only time it goes wrong is when drivers ignore these patrols and feel they need to drive through it, whether they’re late or something else.

“Most people would be horrified at the thought of going through a school crossing patrol.

“It’s a very important role that the school crossing patrols carry out for us.

“We ask drivers to help them keep children safe.”

It comes as Lincolnshire County Council deputy leader, and ward member for Wragby, Coun Patricia Bradwell is calling for a pedestrian crossing to be installed on the A158 near to Wragby Primary School.

School crossing patrol officer Mr Franklin said: “My concern is about traffic - the speed they’re coming down there. This morning there were at least 20 cars clearly above the speed limit of 30mph.

“The orange flashing lights show that there is an active crossing, I switch them on so they know it’s a crossing, but they take little notice.”

Mr Franklin said last summer a speed indicator device clocked one car doing 70mph.

He said: “The other week I was still in the middle of the road and a van went straight through. Luckily the PCSO was there and stopped the driver.

“The traffic has got worse.

“They’ve got to control the traffic somehow.”

Mr Franklin said about once a week a car will get very close to him before it stops moving.

He said: “I’ve just got used to it.”