Praise for Boston High School from Ofsted

Boston High School has won praise from the Government's education watchdog, Ofsted, following a '˜short inspection' last month.
Still 'good', according to Ofsted ... Boston High School.Still 'good', according to Ofsted ... Boston High School.
Still 'good', according to Ofsted ... Boston High School.

So-called short inspections are those carried out at schools already considered by Ofsted to be ‘good’.

Boston High School received a ‘good’ rating for its overall effectiveness after its last inspection in November 2014, with two ‘outstanding’ elements in the mix.

Following the short inspection last month, Ofsted has published a letter to say ‘the school continues to be good’ and that ‘safeguarding is effective’.

The letter is from Ofsted inspector Nigel Boyd to headteacher Andrew Fulbrook and is available to download on the watchdog’s website here.

It includes such praise as:

* “The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.”

* “Classrooms provide a very calm and productive working environment. Teachers use time well, and relationships between pupils and teachers are excellent.”

* “Teachers generally plan lessons well, ensuring that work is set at the right level and that pupils are appropriately challenged. Pupils take pride in their work and appreciate the feedback they get from teachers to help them improve it. Consequently, most pupils make strong progress in most subjects.”

* “You and the other staff have created an aspirational culture for all pupils at Boston High School and a strong sense of community. Relationships are exemplary. The vast majority of staff, pupils, parents and carers have a positive view and support the work of the school. Pupils are quite rightly proud of their school.”

* “Leaders and the governing body have ensured that all safeguarding arrangements are fit for purpose.”

Mr Boyd does note, however, some areas where improvements can be made. Under the heading for ‘next steps for the school’, he writes: “Leaders and those responsible for governance should ensure that they work with subject leaders to improve teaching in subjects where it is weaker, particularly mathematics, so that pupils make consistently good progress in all subjects throughout the school.”

Headteacher Andrew Fulbrook said he was extremely proud of the work and effort of students, staff and governors which has led to the report, adding: “We already know that our students achieve highly and it is reassuring to have external validation of not just our students’ high achievement but also the ethos of care and community which is such an important part of our vision.”