Primary school’s careers week helps to bust job stereotypes

Children and staff had a fabulous careers week at a village primary school near Sleaford, with some brilliant stereotype busting work which the children loved.

Pupils at Osbrounby Primary School were dared to ‘dream big’ to be anything they set their minds to last week.

The school arranged for two former pupils to visit the school and talk about their careers.

Pupils were told that a midwife and someone working in agri-tech would be visiting the school.

The children were challenged to guess the names of the visitors and predictably, they guessed Geoff, Bob and Bill for agri-tech and May, Jenny and Rose for the midwife.

But the children were excited to discover that the midwife, Josh Downey was male, while the agri-tech consultant, Lois Mason, was female.

Headteacher, Heather Bide, said. “It is fabulous for our children to see real life examples of how former pupils have succeeded and that that, in this wonderfully diverse world, gender is no longer a barrier to your chosen career.”

The children enjoyed learning how Lois, an employee of Agri-tech Services, measures potatoes to check their growth rates, takes soil samples and uses hi-tech probes to measure soil moisture.

The children were fascinated when Josh, a midwife at both Queens Medical Centre and City Hospital in Nottingham, shared insights into the work that he does.

Mrs Bide said the younger children loved seeing how Josh carries out newborn checks and the older ones had some probing questions about multiple births, cleft lips and how many babies are not in the ‘normal position’ in the womb!

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