Pupils close ranks to get a taste of Roman army life...

Pupils at a Boston school really brought history to life with a special day of activities learning about Romans.

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The Year Three Zebras at Park Academy got a real taste of life in Roman times, learning all about the importance of shields for the Roman army.

They even practiced different Roman battle formations to help understand tactics used by the Roman Empire during its conquests.

The teacher who organised it, Rebecca Hourihan, said: “Year Three have had a wonderful time learning all about the Romans.

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“On the first day of term the children made their own shields. As part of their learning, the children also explored why the Romans were so successful in the expansion of their empire, including battle tactics.

“And this week we had the opportunity to go outside and re-enact a range of Roman battle formations with the children.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed being able to use their shields that they’d made on our WOW day.

“(It was) A fab way to improve their understanding about the Roman army and why it was so successful.”

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