Pupils discuss policing and politics with MP Victoria Atkins

Primary school pupils have been discussing policing and politics with Louth & Horncastle MP Victoria Atkins.
MP Victoria Atkins at St Andrew's School, Woodhall Spa.MP Victoria Atkins at St Andrew's School, Woodhall Spa.
MP Victoria Atkins at St Andrew's School, Woodhall Spa.

Victoria Atkins, Member of Parliament for Louth and Horncastle, recently visited St Andrew’s C of E Primary School in Woodhall Spa.

Ms Atkins spoke to pupils about her role as an MP and answered questions from the Key Stage 2 pupils who asked about a range of topics including how the country’s electoral system works and how laws are made.

It comes shortly after Ms Atkins organised for a delegation of ‘young ambassadors’ from the primary school to come to London, where the youngsters enjoyed a tour of the Houses of Parliament and attended a meeting in the Home Office to present their Oath Project, aimed at promoting the role of the Policing Oath in the daily lives of officers.

The Oath is currently sworn by officers once at the start of their career, and the pupils had several ideas of how to make sure that this Oath is a more prominent feature, including having the Oath displayed in police buildings.

The school has become known for their community initiatives which have previously focused on issues such as cleaning up the area, improving accessibility for disabled people, upgrading footpaths and rejuvenating the local police station.

Ms Atkins said of her visit to the school: “It was great to hear that the pupils at St Andrew’s have such a strong understanding of how our democracy works and so many ideas about how to improve our local area.

“I was so pleased to be able to organise for a delegation of pupils to visit the Home Office to present their Oath Project. It is inspiring to know that our local young people are so passionate about engaging in and improving our community.”

The school have recently heard from the TES Schools Awards that the school is a finalist in the Community Initiative of the Year category, having won a National Crimebeat Special Award for the second year in a row.