School makes video to help explain Boston's new recycling bins

As new recycling bins are set to go out around the Boston district from next week, pupils at a local school have put together a video to help explain the changes.
A scene from the videoA scene from the video
A scene from the video

Every household will be getting a new purple-lidded bin from next Monday for clean card and paper waste.

It will be collected every four weeks – on alternate fortnights to the blue recycling bin.

Pupils at Staniland Academy have put together a video to help show what waste goes in what bin.

Deputy headteacher Kerry Carr, said: "We were extremely excited to be part of the new recycling bin launch in Boston - the children really enjoyed sharing their passion for looking after our planet.

"We are lucky to have such a caring and thoughtful school community who respect their environment and understand the importance of looking after each other and our town.

"Our teachers, Emily Charlesworth and Christina Gould, are both looking forward to working with Boston Borough Council again in the future, and did a fantastic job supporting this project."

Mrs Charlesworth and pupils from the academy had been working with the borough council on various eco projects already, before the new recycling bin launch video was proposed to feature pupils from Staniland Academy.