Teachers make dozens of visors for NHS staff

Head of technology at Boston High School, Emma Whitton, wearing one of the Enew face visors they created. EMN-201204-175723001Head of technology at Boston High School, Emma Whitton, wearing one of the Enew face visors they created. EMN-201204-175723001
Head of technology at Boston High School, Emma Whitton, wearing one of the Enew face visors they created. EMN-201204-175723001 | User (UGC)
Technology staff at schools in Sleaford and Boston are producing and donating hundreds of protective goggles and visors for NHS and care staff.

Carre’s Grammar School technology teacher Paul Mawditt and his wife Emma who is Head of Technology at Boston High School, answered the desperate call for equipment a couple of weks ago.

Emma said: “We started looking to help after noticing a few posts by fellow Design and Technology teachers. We made a sample, tweaked it and posted it online.”

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The couple put the offer out on social media and Emma said: “We are giving the visors away for free to NHS staff and key care workers in our local communities in the Sleaford and Boston areas who make contact with us.”

So far wards at Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital including A&E, ICU, maternity and the cancer ward have come forward, as well as Lincoln hospital, numerous GP surgeries, home care provider companies, secure unit employees and St Barnabas Hospice.

The first batch of 100 face masks has been supplied to Boston and Grantham hospitals, as well some local GP surgeries. Further enquiries to: [email protected]

Emma added: “Also fantastically we have been contacted by people/companies with offers of support with materials and funding. Coveris and Kalas packaging in Boston, Boston Big Local volunteers and a very kind lady called Mary who is a client of Lesley Batten, a previous PA at Carre’s Grammar School who got in touch with me last week to make a donation.”

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Carre’s headteacher Nick Law said he was more than happy to sanction the project after being approached by the head at Boston High School, Andrew Fulbrook.

He said: “We felt it was the least we could do to donate all of the gloves, masks and goggles that we had to the NHS, as we knew that they were struggling to get the right amount of equipment to keep their workers safe as they treated people in their hospitals. The equipment we have donated would normally be used by staff and students to protect themselves in science labs when doing experiments and in technology workshops when doing practical work. Two of my staff collected all the items and the senior science technician took it all to Lincoln County Hospital.”

Mr Mawditt was permitted to use the school workshops and equipment to produce a prototype face mask. Mr Law added: “He has colleagues in the NHS and was clearly moved by the stories they had told him about working on the front line.

“I didn’t have to hesitate in giving the ‘thumbs up’ to do it as I have heard how much the NHS is struggling with the amount of personal protection equipment (PPE) it needs.”

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Mr Law said: “I am proud of the staff who have helped support the NHS, but it is no less than I expected, and hopefully it will help to save lives.”

Lincolnshire County Council Leader Martin Hill has also assured people that care providers are providing their staff with appropriate PPE in line with government guidance when visiting those who need care.

A consignment of over 60,000 masks, 300,000 gloves and 123,000 aprons were on their way last week to Lincolnshire’s health and social care staff safe, according to the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum. 

Businesses or the public wishing to donate are asked to fill in this form: https://bit.ly/2V015LX