The areas in Lincolnshire with most children missing school

Lincolnshire children not attending school are three times more likely to come from Boston than North Kesteven, figures have revealed.

A total of 1,829 children were not on the roll of a Lincolnshire school in the 2021/22 school year, and there are big disparities between the districts.

Boston had the highest number, with 381 children (20.8 per cent of the total) listed as missing their education.

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Lincolnshire County Council, who monitors the numbers, says it is possible that families might have returned back home to their home country without informing the school.

At the other end of the scale, just 114 children in North Kesteven are listed as missing school (6.2 per cent), and 236 in South Kesteven (12.9 per cent).

Children originally from outside the area also make up a large proportion at 323 (17.7 per cent).

In 129 cases, the child was listed as being home taught, but the council had determined that they were not receiving a proper education.

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If the child is not returned to school by their parents or guardians, a School Attendance Order can be obtained to return them.

The number of children not getting an education was 20 per cent higher than the previous school year, a council report reveals.

Here are the full breakdown of how each district compares in terms of children missing education –

Boston – 381 (20.8%) East Lindsey – 249 (13.6%) Lincoln – 219 (12%) North Kesteven – 114 (6.2%) South Holland – 236 (12.9%) South Kesteven – 168 (9.2%) West Lindsey – 139 (7.6%) Out of area – 323 (17.7%)

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The number of Fixed Penalty Notices handed out to parents for unauthorised absences has also risen, with the majority of these due to holidays in term time.

The fines are £60 per parent per child if they are paid within 21 days of it being issued. After that days, it rises to £120.