VIDEO: An apple for the teacher - and every pupil - as Skegness Academy celebrates national day

Students did not miss out when there was 'an apple for the teacher' at Skegness Academy.

The school was celebrating National Eat An Apple Day - and 1,200 apples were distributed during the break by the Class of 26..

Senior assistant principal, Mrs Lorna Coates-Metheringham, helped organise the distribution.

"The idea for celebrating National Eat An Apple Day came from our food tech teacher Mr Benson," she said.

The Class of 26 distributed 1,200 apples to students and staff to celebrate National Eat an Apple Dday.

"We needed to source some apples for the whole Academy and kindly Blue Anchor donated 1,200 and we had another donation from Marks and Spencer which went towards the Sixth Form apples.

"The students distributed the apples on Friday afternoon during tutor time, so every child and member of staff got an apple.

"The idea of Eat and Apple Day is fun but at the same time it is promoting healthy eating and that there is an alternative to sweet foods."

Lead Principal Mrs Kimberley Albelda also enjoyed an apple and said: "I'd like to thank the students fir distributing them and Blue Anchor and Marks and Spencer for their kind donations."