VIDEO: Field of poppies in Skegness brings community and visitors together

A field of poppies created in Skegness has brought visitors and the community together.

Members of the local branch of the Royal British Legion have been raising awareness of their 91st anniversary year and chose to say it with poppies as "they are something everyone can relate to".

Saturday was chosen for the event because it also coincided with the Queen's birthday and the Trooping of the Colour.

It was an early start for executive committee member Adrian Findley, who was on site at 5.30am to create the new Royal British Legion logo as a centrepiece and get everything set up.

Masi Andrews, 5, of Tamworth, Birmingham, colouring in a poppy.Masi Andrews, 5, of Tamworth, Birmingham, colouring in a poppy.
Masi Andrews, 5, of Tamworth, Birmingham, colouring in a poppy.

A stencil had been made to draw the outline of a poppy and chalk provided for the colouring.

The area was already covered in poppies by lunchtime and Adrian said: "We've had a fantastic turnout - it's been glorious sunshine and we are really pleased."

Paul Dixon, chairman of the local branch, was also delighted with the response.

"We wanted to raise awareness that the local branch is starting back and we are here for ex-servicemen, family and friends, with regular meetings at the New Park Club," he said.

"We chose the poppy because people relate to them - the children have really enjoyed colouring them in and it has been great to see.

"Our 91st anniversary is on June 21 and we may not be able to do anything then because of Covid-19 restrictions but we will celebrate when we can.

"We have lots planned for this year and we want the local community to know we are here from them."

Joining other members who were helping on the day was Mayor of Skegness Coun Trevor Burnham, whose charity for the year is the Royal British Legion.

"This has been a brilliant idea - children and adults have been down on their knees colouring poppies," he said. "I've helped with one or two but struggled to get back up.

"But it has been brilliant seeing visitors and local people here together and I feel privileged to be part of it."

Among the children colouring in the poppies was Maci Andrews, aged five, from Tamworth.

"This is lovely," said her mum, Kim. "It's so important to raise awareness for the Royal British Legion and everything they have done and it's nice to see it done in this way so the children can learn about it."