Village school blasted by Ofsted inspectors

Legsby Primary School has defended a scathing Ofsted report which ruled the school ‘requires improvement’.
Legsby Primary School EMN-190913-153218001Legsby Primary School EMN-190913-153218001
Legsby Primary School EMN-190913-153218001

The report describes how the village school does not ensure pupils’ progress ‘is consistently good’ and it says ‘at times, teaching is not effective enough for pupils to make good progress’.

But co-headteachers Ben Murray and Lucy Dabb say the report is ‘disappointing’ and does not paint ‘a full and accurate picture’ of the school.

In a joint statement Mr Murray and Miss Dabb said: “The findings of the inspection have changed the rating of our school from ‘Good’ to ‘Requires Improvement’.

“This is a conclusion that we find disappointing, and one we don’t feel paints a full and accurate picture of our school community, or the journey we have recently underg

“The past three years have seen a huge transformation at Legsby School: there have been changes in leadership, governance and staffing but, perhaps most importantly, in the number of pupils on roll – our numbers have almost doubled, and our new pupils have come from wonderfully diverse backgrounds.

“Our resolute belief is that the children should come to school feeling safe, happy and ready to learn.

“We endeavour to ensure that we are outward-looking and providing new experiences at every opportunity.

“The aim of Legsby School is to make sure that all children feel valued and have a voice that is heard.

“These values will not change and are highlighted positively in the report.”

The school’s previous inspection was in 2016 when it was given a ‘Good’ 

The latest report was published last week following a two-day inspection at the end of the summer 

The report stated: “Despite the new co-headteachers’ commitment to improving the school, their actions have not ensured that pupils’ progress, including that of disadvantaged pupils, is consistently good across the 

“Leaders do not check on the quality of teaching with sufficient precision. At times, teaching is not effective enough for pupils to make good progress.

“Teaching does not routinely match activities to pupils’ learning needs. Teachers do not consistently use teaching assistants to fill the gaps in some pupils’ learning.

“At times, teachers’ expectations of what pupils can achieve are not as high as they could be.

“The most able pupils are not sufficiently challenged to reach higher levels in their learning.”

The report also says pupils’ attendance is ‘broadly average’ overall, but below average for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities and disadvantaged 

And the Ofsted report says the governing body has not ‘held leaders to account well enough for improving pupils’ progress’... ‘despite their [the governing body] commitment to the school’.

But the report was not all bad - the inspector praised the school for its pupils’ behaviour.

The report said: “Pupils are polite and behave well. Leaders have created a learning community where all pupils are welcomed, cared for, and helped to stay 

“Leaders are effective in promoting pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

“Pupils engage in a wide range of learning experiences outside the classroom.”

And the report praised the ‘early years’ area of the school.

It stated: “Leaders provide children in the early years with a positive learning environment. Children in the early years make good 

The inspector said parents and carers were ‘positive’ about the school and say their children ‘enjoy’ going to school.

Mr Murray and Miss Dabb said: “The Ofsted report points out areas for improvement, and we will, of course, act on these.

“Leadership, governors and staff will continue to strive to achieve the best outcomes for the children whilst taking on board all the recommendations.

“Although the outcome of the report is not what we had hoped for, we know that parents, carers, staff, volunteers and governors will continue to go above and beyond in their efforts to support the welfare and learning of the children at Legsby School.

“We are a dedicated community and we should celebrate that.”

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