Where the streets now have names – Boston pupils help decide street names in new housing development

Youngsters at a primary school in Boston have made a lasting contribution to the town by helping name the streets of a new housing development in their community.

Pupils at Hawthorn Primary School, Boston, have been helping Gleeson Homes with a housing project.

Year Five and Six pupils at Hawthorn Tree School, in Toot Lane, were invited by housebuilder Gleeson Homes to suggest street names for its new development, Saxon Grange.

The build – comprising 85 affordable homes, with the first set to be released this summer – is adjacent to the school.

With help from their teachers, pupils adopted a tree theme, linking to the school’s name.

Hawthorn Close, Sycamore Way, Elm Road and Cherry Lane were then selected by Gleeson Homes and later agreed by the local authority.

The winning names were then announced by Gleeson – to huge applause – via video link streamed into a school assembly.

Allen Marshall, operations director for Gleeson in the Midlands, said: “We are delighted to have worked with Hawthorn Tree School to name the new roads at Saxon Grange. The children have come up with some stunning names, which I’m sure the new homeowners will be very happy with.

“We are truly committed to engaging in the communities that we are working, before, during and after our construction phases leaving a positive, lasting, legacy for many generations to come.”

Each class was awarded a certificate, and a book token was donated to the school library by Gleeson.

Adam Jaques, Year Six teacher at Hawthorn Tree School, said: “We were thrilled to be approached by Gleeson to help name the roads on its new development. The children thoroughly enjoyed researching trees and plants to come up with some exciting new road names and hope that we can be involved in future projects.

“We also look forward to welcoming new pupils who will live on the development and being able to share the background to the names of the roads.”