Wragby youngsters go for gold in mini-Olympics

Children and staff at Mon Ami Children's Nursery in Wragby have been going for gold by taking part in a national initiative to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.
Enjoying Arties Olympics at Wragby EMN-160816-142230001Enjoying Arties Olympics at Wragby EMN-160816-142230001
Enjoying Arties Olympics at Wragby EMN-160816-142230001

They donned their fastest footwear and took part in their own mini-Olympics as part of Artie’s Olympics.

Organised by the British Heart Foundation, the fun activity is designed to encourage children to get active and enjoy physical exercise, while also raising funds for the charity.

Aside from running races, everyone also got involved in playing games involving beanbags, hula hoops and balloons and took part in an obstacle course to test and develop their balancing skills and team-building abilities.

Young fundraisers at Mon Ami EMN-160824-173039001Young fundraisers at Mon Ami EMN-160824-173039001
Young fundraisers at Mon Ami EMN-160824-173039001

Staff also generated lots of discussion about the importance of warming up and cooling down before and after any physical activity.

Babies and toddlers also had the chance to join in, playing games with the parachute and dancing to Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, as well as enjoying musical bumps.

All children were provided with sponsorship forms and, along with Mon Ami’s three other settings, raised £419.

Samantha Britton, owner of Mon Ami Children’s Nurseries, said: “This is the first time we’d heard of the Artie’s Olympics initiative and what better time to take part than during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games?

Young fundraisers at Mon Ami EMN-160824-173107001Young fundraisers at Mon Ami EMN-160824-173107001
Young fundraisers at Mon Ami EMN-160824-173107001

“I’ve had some great feedback from all four of our settings and it’s fantastic to see all of the children getting so enthusiastic about each of the different activities. We’re already looking forward to getting involved again next year.”

Alex Talcer, Programme Manager for Artie’s Olympics at the British Heart Foundation, added: “We’d like to thank Mon Ami Children’s Nurseries for arranging an Artie’s Olympics event and raising a fantastic £419 for our life-saving research. Every pound raised will bring us a step closer to beating heart disease.

“Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is so important to help reduce our risk of heart disease, and it’s vital we start at a young age. That’s why we’re calling on other nursery schools to follow in Mon Ami nursery’s footsteps and get involved by holding their own Artie’s Olympics. It’s a great way to get pupils involved in energetic, heart healthy exercise, while having fun and raising money.”

Twenty per cent of the total raised will be donated to Mon Ami Nurseries to fund their activities on the day and to contribute towards keeping the children fit and healthy throughout the year.