Boston-area nature reserve to hold recruitment event

A popular nature reserve near Boston is set to hold a volunteer recruitment event.
Volunteers at RSPB Frampton Marsh.Volunteers at RSPB Frampton Marsh.
Volunteers at RSPB Frampton Marsh.

RSPB Frampton Marsh is inviting anyone interested in supporting its work to pay the site a visit when it holds the event next month.

Tony Scriven, a volunteer , said: “Local people are lucky to have one of the best reserves in the country on their doorstep. RSPB Frampton Marsh has a national reputation for being a fantastic place to see nature at its best. There's something for everyone at all times of the year. There are birds in abundance, dragonflies, butterflies and other insects and rare plants too

“As a charity, the RSPB relies on public donations and could not keep wild places special without its army of volunteers. The volunteers help to manage the land, provide a welcome and information to visitors and carry out a wide range of other jobs.”

Volunteers come from all walks of life, Tony says.

“Some are retirees wanting to 'put something back' after a finishing their careers,” he said. “Some are still at work, and squeeze volunteering into their working lives. Some are young people who find it a great step on a route to employment in this area of work.

"When asked what they like about working at Frampton, volunteers often say it's the satisfaction of directly helping nature but also, it's fun and gives opportunities to meet a wide range of people and make new friends.”

The recruitment event will take place at the site’s Visitor Centre on Saturday, August 13, from 10am to 4pm.

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