CORONAVIRUS: Shoppers urged not to panic buy as store introduces restrictions in Lincolnshire

People have been urged to avoid panic buying as some supermarkets in the Boston area have seen shelves emptied of supplies like handwash.

Empty hand sanitizer shelves at Boston Asda over the weekend
Empty hand sanitizer shelves at Boston Asda over the weekend

A picture has also emerged online of one shopper with a trolley full of toilet roll.

The reports have emerged following on from the first case of Coronavirus being confirmed in Lincolnshire at the end of last week and the growing national and global crisis surrounding the virus.

The Co-op in Lincolnshire has now acted to restrict the certain products to three items per person.

The products facing restrictions are: tissues, toilet roll, kitchen roll, hand sanitiser, antibacterial soap, antibacterial handwash and surface wipes.

The news comes after one Boston man shared a photo on social media of the hand sanitiser shelves at Boston Asda being empty over the weekend.

Matthew Thorold said people were overreacting’ and there was no need to panic buy.

Others have commented on social media that the loo roll aisle was nearly empty at the stall, and there was no pasta left.

Several photos of empty shelves and stockpiling in Boston Asda following Coronavirus panic buying have emerged.

A Lincolnshire Co-op spokesman said: “We’re following the lead of our buying group and introducing restrictions on certain products.

“As yet, we haven’t seen issues with panic-buying in our stores but this will ensure we can continue to supply these products to as many of our customers as possible.

“We’d also ask people to be responsible and consider others while shopping.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said last week the Goverment was absolutely confident that there would be no problem with people getting food and essentials.

He said the very strong advice from scientists and medics was that people should not be buying more than they need.