Clap for Carers: Staff at care home say 'thank you' for support

Carers at a home for the elderly near Spilsby have said 'thank you' after the second Clap for Carers saw the country salute NHS staff and other key workers dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Fifteen members of staff have now moved into the Old Hall at Halton Holegate to protect the residents there.

One of the carers now camping in a caravan donated to the hall, Hazel Webster, explained: "Our residents are so special to us we decided this was the only way we could protect them."

Hazel moved to the home with her two therapy dogs, Pip and Gypsy, but has had to leave her husband behind.

Carers at the Old Hall in Halton Holegate have moved into caravans to protect residents.

"It isn't easy for us to be away from our families - but it's hard for our residents and their families too," said Hazel.

"We are using social media and Face Time to keep in touch - we just have to knuckle down and get through this as best we can.

"It means a lot that carers like us and other frontline staff were included in the Clap for Carers tribute. We know the amazing work the NHS is doing but there are so many others who also need to be acknowledged."

Di Vale, Care Home Manager, said: "I am extremely proud of my staff. I have been a manager for 35 years and I have an amazing team They always go above and beyond and it is amazing what they are doing now.

"We'd also like to thank the public for the amazing donations we have received for our residents, including a delivery from Morrisons. We are also expecting a delivery from Thorntons for Easter. It makes so much difference."

Tonight, communities have been asked to grab a torch, candle, phone or light, go out to our garden/front and "Shine a Light" up towards the sky and read allowed the Lords Pray; "to remember those who have lost their lives, and those fighting this terrible virus".