Claps for scrubs sewers in Skegness during nationwide tribute

NHS staff working on the frontline at Skegness Hospital came out for a few minutes during the nationwide Clap for Carers to thank local sewers for their scrubs.

Since the group Skegness Sewers for NHS was launched at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, 1,000 scrubs and 900 bags have been made for carers in the area - and the volunteer team are as busy as ever.

The cutting room has now moved from the Village Church Farm museum to Skegness Cricket Club - from where the Sam Hooper Logistics riders deliver the scrubs to the 100 sewers in the area working from home and collect them for distribution when they are finished. Bike Shed Community Response has also now come on board to deliver to a wider area.

It's been an emotional journey for the organiser, Janet Simpson. "Coming to the Cricket Club has been nostalgic for me because my dad played here and there's a picture on the wall," said Janet.

NHS frontline workers saying thank you for their scrubs at the Clap for Carers.

"To see the NHS workers in their scrubs on Thursday night was quite emotional.

"You realise what you are doing to raise people's spirits through this difficult time - and how it must make patients smile to see cartoon characters like Postman Pat and Thomas the Tank Engine on the scrubs.

"It makes you proud to be a Skegness person and of everyone who has made this possible, including our wonderful team of sewers."

Two thousand meters of fabric donated by the son of Chris Evans, Noah - who has a JustGiving page to raise funds to buy fabric for scrubs - arrived on Monday, and an extra 1,000 meters is expected soon.

NHS workers in their scrubs at Skegness Hospital.

In addition, the sewers' fund is now £5,000, with £1,000 each donated by Skegness Town Council and Skegness Round Table, £200 from the Rurgh Road Spa Shop and £300 from Micronclean.

Janet said: "People have been so generous and there is a lot more work to be done so we would welcome more volunteer sewers to join us."

To get in touch or make a donation, message Janet Simpson or the Skegness Sewers for the NHS on Facebook.

Skegness Sewers for NHS volunteers cutting scrubs in their new base at Skegness Cricket Club.