CORONAVIRUS: Officer will help Boston housing tenants in wake of pandemic

A new officer has been appointed to help deliver a programme of housing support by Boston Borough Council for local residents in the wake of the pandemic.


Arturs Serdjuks has been named housing, health and wellbeing officer to support the Empowering Healthy Communities Programme which has been funded by Government aid to help the borough to tackle and recover from Covid-19.

Arturs, a Boston resident with over five years’ experience in the private housing sector, will be working to ensure residents in the borough have decent housing.

As part of his day-to-day role, Arturs will deliver messages to landlords, letting agents and owners of houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs) about the importance of Covid-19 vaccinations, providing information on Covid testing.

Arturs said: “Our homes have become even more important in this last year. While never taken for granted, they became our safe spaces during the pandemic; a retreat from the outside world and a place where we spent many hours during the national lockdowns keeping safe with our families.

“Everyone deserves a home where they feel comfortable and protected, and I feel proud to be taking on the role of housing, health and wellbeing officer to ensure this ambition is fulfilled in the borough’s communities.

Arturs added: “Wellbeing often starts at home, and my role in delivering and maintaining high-quality homes for residents will be key to helping the Council meet the objectives of the Empowering Healthy Communities Programme.”

Nichola Holderness, Empowering Healthy Communities Co-ordinator, said: “There is no doubt that Arturs’ appointment will make a real difference to the housing landscape in Boston, equally supporting our landlords during this challenging period of transformation and ensuring our valued tenants all receive the very best service and quality housing possible.

“As part of our latest initiative, the Empowering Healthy Communities Programme, we’re committed to doing all we can to support the borough’s residents and businesses. Arturs’ appointment is integral to helping us to achieve this goal.

“In light of the wider pressures on both landlords and tenants during the Covid-19 outbreak, we’re eager to help our teams develop and maintain stronger relationships with these parties and support their individual needs, particularly as we enter a new phase of the pandemic.

“I believe Arturs’ vast experience in managing landlord properties and working alongside tenants will serve him well in this new role, and I know he will be an asset to our team as we move forwards.”

To find out more about the Empowering Healthy Communities Programme and how you can get involved, visit