CORONAVIRUS: Police and council officers on streets to ensure people comply with lockdown

Police and council officers have been active in Boston town centre today (Friday) to ensure people are complying with the new lockdown rules.

Police officers in Boston today
Police officers in Boston today

Small gatherings of youths were dispersed and sent home, and officers have spoken to people in the centre to ensure they are aware of the rules.

And parents have been warned that whilst children may be too young to be fined, the parents themselves could find themselves liable for them.

The second national lockdown came into force yesterday (Thursday) and people should not now leave their home other than for permitted specific reasons including childcare, work and essential shopping.

Officers chat to a woman on a bench in the town centre

All but essential shops will be closed, pubs and restaurants only able to sell for takeaway and deliveries, and indoor and outdoor leisure facilities, entertainment venues, and personal care facilities like beauty salons shutting their doors.

A relatively large police presence could be seen today in the centre of Boston, and officers were seen talking to people sitting on benches with food and lingering on the streets.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said: “Lincolnshire Police are working in partnership through the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum (LRF), and Neighbourhood Policing teams are working closely with local councils in order to ensure that communities understand the changes to the legislation.

“Our Neighbourhood Policing Team are out patrolling today and will continue to do so on a daily basis to reassure, and engage and help to keep us all safe, not just in relation to COVID, but from crime, ASB and all the other daily policing requirements.

“We are also patrolling with members of Boston Borough Councils community safety team during the day and night.

“So far there have been a few small gatherings of youths who were sent home.”

Boston Council confirmed in a Facebook post that youths had been dispersed and sent home.

It said: “A few small groups of youths seen gathering in Boston Town Centre have been split up and sent home.

“This follows a joint patrol of police and officers from Boston Borough Council.

“Our officers will continue to patrol the area during lockdown. Whilst children cannot be fined, we will seek to fine parents of persistent offenders flouting the rules.”