Former Lincolnshire dancer keeping us fit while in Spanish lockdown

A former Lincolnshire dancer who is entering his third week of lockdown in Spain says the British Government should do more to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Dancer and producer Cameron Hall is in lockdown in Spain.

Cameron Hall spoke to us on Day 12 of staying home in Spain and said: "The Spanish Goverment have announced that we will be in this until at least April 13

"I really do think for the health and safety of everyone the UK should lockdown fully like us and people should restrict the time outside.

"Workout indoor or your garden - don’t leave unless absolutely necessary"

To help people pass the time, Cameron is sharing dance videos on the Facebook page Baila con Cameron for all the enjoy.

He said: "I wanted to do something to keep those here up and positive so I began to release a 15min dance video everyday ..

"The response to these videos has been amazing and so I have recently spread those across to the UK via my Facebook."

Cameron moved to Valencia about a year ago with his partner, Jesus Vidorreta, and they recently opened up some dance classes, as well as running a production company that creates shows.

A scene in the streets of Spain where Cameron lives.

Born and raised in Skegness until he was 16, he moved to London to train in musical theatre but until now has still found time to work in Skegness,

"My heart never left Skegness," he said. "I went to the Grammar school and I trained in dance at the Julie Stevens School of Dance as well as Gee Bees Disco Dance.

"Now I direct and choreograph the panto."

With family still in the UK, he says he has been following the "UK's action plan".

"I can see you all being in the same situation as us here in Spain very soon," he said.

"In the space of five days we went from the ‘it will never happen to us stage’ to cancelling Valencia’s huge fallas festival but remaining as normal, to closing bars and restaurants and then to full lock down.

"I for one was in the 'it wont happen to us' bandwagon. However, by Day 4 I was beginning to think it's the only way and wished we had taken steps before this. Before this it was just something happening in China - now it's on my doorstep and is very real."

Daily life hasn’t changed too drastically for Cameron and his partner as they do a lot of work from home.

"However, you can now only leave to work and proof is needed, if you are medical or pharmacy staff, or to go to the supermarkets, which are policed and only allow certain numbers of people in at a time. And, yes, people are crazily buying toilet paper here too," he said.

To view the classes, visit Cameron Hall's Baila con Cameron page on Facebook.