Frustration turns to hope in health survey

Half the people in a county-wide Covid-19 survey said they were looking forward to the opportunity for normality.

Coronavirus stock image.

Patient watchdog, Healthwatch Lincolnshire, received 610 responses to its latest questionnaire and reveals some residents are less enthusiastic about unlocking as they feel they have adapted, and nearly a quarter (22 per cent) said they have developed new coping mechanisms that make them feel more resilient.

Healthwatch Lincolnshire contract coordinator Dean Odell said: “What we had seen in previous lockdown reports in terms of people’s frustration appeared to be remodelling as hope and strong steps forward.”

However, almost a quarter of those who responded (22 per cent) said they feel anxious about leaving the house and feel they would benefit from support.

Many people want more access to face-to-face appointments with GPs and dentists and Dean said: “We know that services are not likely to return to the consistent approach of face-to-face consultation for any service. However, what is evident is that this needs to be better communicated with patients about what they can expect from these services and the options available to them in terms of access and to improve understanding that not all appointments require a face-to -ace, in person interaction.”

Dean said: “People need support to use the tools, which for some are alien, but be clear that whether the tool to accessing services is face-to-face, text or virtual the experience must be about the impact on the persons reason for contact.”

Almost four out of five found digital access to NHS prescriptions easier than before the pandemic.