Health chiefs relaxed about coronavirus risk during Lincoln City play-off final

Health bosses say they are “relaxed” and “unconcerned” about fans travelling to London on Sunday to support Lincoln City in the EFL play-off finals.
EFL League One play-offs final on Sunday.EFL League One play-offs final on Sunday.
EFL League One play-offs final on Sunday.

The team will be playing Blackpool in the League One match, which is one of three to be played this weekend.

More than 9,200 Fans have signed a petition to get more tickets made available ahead of the match and there are also reports supporters will travel to the capital to watch their team from local pubs and other locations.

Lincolnshire County Council’s assistant director for public health Andy Fox said: “I’m pretty relaxed about people travelling where they’re allowed to do so.

“There’s no restrictions on travel to London, at present, so people will be free to travel and be free to soak up the atmosphere.”

However, he advised people to keep to the coronavirus safety measures and messages of hands, face and space as much as possible.

“Obviously I would just urge people to follow all relevant COVID guidance and just to make sure that they are sticking to the rules and supporting Lincoln sort in a safe and COVID secure way.

“Of course I’ll be hoping that they can win.”

Rules include limiting the number of people who can mix outdoors up to 30 people and Mr Fox urged people to keep an eye on the latest news.

He added: “I’m conscious the government has just changed some of the guidance around travelling to areas where there is known to be a surge in COVID-19 cases so always check online for current guidance.

“But if you are allowed to travel and you are able to do so, and you can do that in a way that follows the guidance then of course, feel free to do so.”

Lincoln City have been allocated just 3,879 tickets for the 90,000 seater stadium due to COVID-19 restrictions,

The FA Cup final between Chelsea and Leicester on May 15, a government trial event, hosted over 20,000 fans in the ground.

Season ticket holders will enter a ballot for tickets.

A petition calling for the government to recognise the EFL play-offs as “some of the most important games in domestic football” and designate the fixtures as test events, has now been signed by more than 9,200 people.

This would allow for more fans to go to Wembley and watch their team play, and the petition urges government to make this happen for lower league fans.

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