Lincolnshire coronavirus: Nearly 800 people take advantage of walk-in covid vaccinations during ‘big weekend’

The ‘big weekend’ of vaccinations held across the country – including in Lincolnshire – last Friday, Saturday and Sunday resulted in nearly 800 additional people receiving their covid vaccination at sites across the county, say local health officials.
779 people got a covid jab at walk-in sessions during Lincolnshire's 'big weekend'779 people got a covid jab at walk-in sessions during Lincolnshire's 'big weekend'
779 people got a covid jab at walk-in sessions during Lincolnshire's 'big weekend'

The walk-in sessions provided the opportunity to have a vaccination without the need to pre-book an appointment, and people around the county responded in droves.

Seven hundred and seventy nine people took advantage of walk-in opportunities at vaccination sites including at the county’s two Mass Vaccination Centres at the Lincolnshire Showground (94 jabs) and the PRSA in Boston (267), as well as via a mobile unit at the Arboretum in Lincoln (162), at Newlands Pharmacy in Lincoln (135) and at the Storehouse, Skegness (121).

“We are really pleased with how the walk-ins went over the weekend, mainly because we were able to give 779 vaccinations that otherwise might not have happened, or at the very least might not have happened until a later date,” comments Rebecca Neno, Deputy Chief Nurse at NHS Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

“When you consider that the 779 people who got vaccinated via a walk-in last weekend are in addition to all of the pre-booked vaccination appointments that also happened over the same weekend, it’s a pretty impressive number. That being said, it’s still not too late to get vaccinated and we will be running more walk-ins this week, in an effort to get even more people vaccinated – don’t forget, you need two doses to get the maximum protection.”

This week there will be walk-in opportunities available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis as follows:

Brayford Wharf (outside Square Sail) – mobile unit offering Pfizer walk-ins, first doses, 12pm-3pm Saturday July 3;

University of Lincoln Sports Centre – offering Pfizer walk-ins, first doses, 8.30am-6.30pm, Saturday July 3;

PRSA MVC, Boston – offering Pfizer and AZ walk-ins (no individual choice of vaccine, will be administered according to JCVI guidance), first and second doses, 8am-7pm Tuesday-Sunday June 29-July 4.

Lincolnshire Showground MVC – offering AZ only walk-ins, first and second doses for people in cohorts 1-10/aged 40 and over, 8am-7pm Tuesday-Friday June 29-July 2;

Storehouse, Skegness – offering Pfizer walk-ins, first and second doses, 8.30am-5pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and AZ walk ins, first and second doses on Tuesday June 29 9am-12.30pm.

Marisco Medical Practice, Mablethorpe – offering AZ, first and second doses walk-ins 9am – 12.30pm Saturday July 3, and Pfizer, first and second doses walk-ins 1pm–5pm Saturday July 3.