Life on the front line of the fight against Covid19

‘It’s strange at work and very, very stressful and scary’


These are the words of an NHS worker who is at the very forefront of the fight against coronavirus.

The person, who did not want to be named, added: “I’ve just finished a 12-hour shift and now I’m on day four of 13 consecutive days.

“I’m on my way home and hopefully there will still be some food left on the supermarket shelves.

“My mum - who’s in her 70s - also wants a prescription picking up.

“Hopefully, the queues won’t be too bad.”

This is just one example of the terrific commitment, bravery and spirit local people are showing amid ominous predictions that we have yet to see the worst of Covid-19.

The worker’s message comes as police praise communities for their ‘tremendous reaction’ to the latest Government regulations.

PCSO Nigel Wass, who is involved in daily patrols in the Horncastle News area, said: “We’ve not had any reports of major gatherings and everyone appears to be complying with the regulations.

“What we have seen are lots of great examples of community spirit with everyone coming together and helping each other.

“Our main focus is to offer reassurance and advice.

“I’d like to thank everyone for their support and I’m sure that will carry on.

“The best advice is ‘stay at home’ - unless it is absolutely necessary.”

Police are among the many people who have helped with deliveries to vulnerable residents, many of them in isolated rural communities.

In Horncastle, the Mayor, Councillor Fiona Martin, and town clerk Amanda Bushell are helping deliver essential supplies.

Coun Martin said: “We (the town council) are receiving and dealing with many phone calls a day.

“Amanda queued and delivered a prescription for someone on Saturday.

“The Horncastle Covid-19 Support Team, who came to our last council meeting, are dealing with food and meal deliveries and we are assisting them.

“We were organising a rota of those of us who were able (not self isolating, vulnerable with health condition or essential workers) to collect and deliver prescriptions.

“I was going this morning (Monday) when we discovered a group of Horncastle volunteers who had arranged with Boots to collect and deliver prescriptions after hours. Amanda and I both spoke to them and felt that it was better to join forces than duplicate a service.

“When I left Boots this evening to start delivering, the Boots staff were only just leaving having worked a very long day to try and catch up, but like a lot of other people, they are struggling with staff in isolation etc.”

The Covid-19 Support Team involves volunteers from the town’s Foodbank and members of the Outreach kitchen programme.

Isobel Forrester, from the Foodbank, said they were delivering parcels and hot meals - cooked by Lee Bowman - to vulnerable individuals and families.

The team is supported by the town council which has set aside £1,000-a-month to help.

Mrs Forrester said: “The response we’ve had has been absolutely fantastic.

“Lee is doing a brilliant job.

“We’ve a full rota of volunteers for every day of the week and we’ve what I call a ‘flying squad’ who are taking supplies and meals to outlying communities.

“It is brilliant to see everyone coming together.

“This time last week, I was standing outside Tesco in tears as the manager told me he couldn’t supply us with certain items because panic-buying had left them short.

“Now, there are signs things are improving and the idiots who have been stockpiling need to think of everyone else.”

Donations are still welcome.

Mrs Forrester asks people not to drop off donations at the Community Centre but to use special collection baskets at the town’s two Co-ops and Tesco.

The Woodhall Spa Co-op also has a collection point.

• The emergency Horncastle Covid-19 Support number is 07395 905352.

• Details of other organisations offering help and support are on several websites, including the Horncastle News, Lincolnshire County Council and East Lindsey District Council.

• The county council can also be contacted on 01522 782189 seven days a week.