Lincolnshire Coronovirus: Major highways projects continue as normal

Lincolnshire County Council’s highways maintenance and major projects are continuing as normal, authority bosses have said.


In the latest Facebook Live address to the county, council leader Martin Hill and chief executive Debbie Barnes outlined the current situation in dealing with coronavirus.

Among the latest news, the pair confirmed that waste collection and recycling centres were also continuing to operate as usual.

The authority has begun allowing more vulnerable staff to work from home, however, bosses said more were expected to do so over the coming days – especially in view of further scaled back services.

As well as recently reported changes to registration services, Debbie Barnes also said day centres would remain open for those with the most challenging needs.

Councillor Hill thanked staff and volunteers for working “extremely hard in challenging situations” and being flexible enough to be redeployed.

“We have a great community support in Lincolnshire and, as we have seen in other emergencies, this is the time people rally round and support each other,” he said.